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Tree Terms - Crown Reduction

Morning! Lets kick start Monday with some more 'Tree Terms'

Crown Reduction, Lifting and Thinning are three common terms you will hear used - below we have explained them, each with a handy doodle!

Crown Reduction: There are a number of reasons why a crown reduction might be needed, in most cases, it is to reduce the weight of a tree, meaning less stress on branches. It is also a way of reducing light loss.

A crown reduction also retains the bulk of the tree, but reduces both its height and spread using a series of smaller cuts. This then helps to minimise stress and maintain the tree’s natural form.

Crown Thinning: This generally takes place only on broad leafed trees.

The thinning assists with reducing the weight of a tree but also to allow more light though without altering the shape or size of a tree.

Crown Thinning is generally something that only happens once to a tree and should not involve ‘thinning’ by more than 30%.

Crown Lifting: (or raising) Is a term we use when removing the lower branches of a tree.

Crown lifting takes place for many reasons, including to bring access for people and vehicles, but it can also take place to prevent the spread of disease or to remove diseased or dead limbs and is the preferred option to removing a tree completely

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