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New Life From Fallen Trees

Whilst most of the trees we need to cut or fell generally go on to become wood chips or heating fuel, from time to time they go on to create something entirely new.

We recently took a few pieces of salvaged wood (Ash and Oak) along to local artist Steve Gore-Rowe and the results are beautiful.

Steve uses offcuts to create one-off pieces such as bowls, woodware, lighting and small furniture from locally sourced hardwoods and salvaged wood, investing time and thought in making contemporary handcrafted products using the modern and traditional skills.

Each piece is made individually and has its own characteristics, small batches of a design are made very similar to each other but never exactly the same emphasising the nature of natural materials and handcrafted products, he finishes them using natural chemical free finishes allowing his work to be functional or decorative. 

View more of Steve's work at

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