Golden Tree Surgeons manage the use and development (in both urban and rural settings) of land resources. This may include organic agriculture, reforestation, water resource management and eco-tourism projects.

Promoting sustainable developments within the new planning framework, and contributing to the social and economic growth of communities, are all fundamental objectives of our company.

We work towards integrating the ideals of sustainable development into the system, and to generate a proactive approach to planning and development that involves the local authority, the landowner and the developer.

The objective is partly to make land more available for development in keeping with local economy and environment, and for this to make a contribution to the area’s controlled sustainable growth, it is essential that an area’s natural environment is kept and that good design principles are employed throughout.

Our specialities include working in habitats with protected species as well as those with public access.

We are also involved with projects involving moving the flora or fauna from a site to an adjacent suitably established habitat. In some cases, this can involve the movement of the entire habitat to an adjacent site.

Felling and thinning of woodland work is undertaken, especially in areas where high standards of best practice are essential to minimise disturbance.

If grassland management of an area is inadequate, scrub colonises meadowland. Scrub control involves land management over a number of years to reverse the scrub colonisation

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13 large Willows pollarded producing 30 tons of timber and 20 tons of chips. 90% of the chipped timber was handled and chipped by the Avant & digger with grab. All cord wood was moved by machine. A very efficient way of getting the job done!

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